Breaking privacy, Breaking trust. There are a few people I have a hard time trusting now and forever

Who do you trust?
Can you even trust humans?

Thinking you are having a confidential conversation and then hearing that information being disclosed verbatim in another context.

When we voluntarily grant someone access to ourselves, we are granting them access for them to their information. We are not giving you permission to redisclose the information to someone else.

Privacy is the principle. Confidentiality is your right to privacy founded in trust and trustworthiness. If you cannot protect the privacy for a person then be careful about the behaviors you demonstrate about your trustworthiness.

You can’t demand trust. But you can lose it very easily and you may NEVER be able to gain it again.

Becareful about creating promises that you cannot live up to

Redisclosure is delibrately disclosing information without permission, you have violated privacy.

Trust can be easily broken in goddip.

If someone asks how long do I have until I can redisclose your inforation, what I must do in response to that. is answer NEVER> unless the oerson permits you.


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