Adah Akenji allegedly sleeping with video vixens


2015/01/img_0158.jpg Cameroun wunandon start?

Yes the title states it as it is. A source has leaked some photos of what is suspected to be one of #Team237’s most respected video directors Adah Akenji and popular video vixen Lakisha aka Adji in bed together. It is true we have all heard rumors of video directors and artists having a habit sleeping with video vixens and dancers in return for roles in music videos but is Adah one of them? We are still uncertain that the person in the photos is actually Adah but there is a striking resemblance but the girl is unmistakably Lakisha. Bare in mind that Adah has the habit of working with this particular girl and both have worked on several videos Adah has directed like JayJay – “Zangalewa”, Brico – “Somanakloa” and so on. We do not know if the pictures were taken intentionally but its obvious they were private and the persons involved did not expect them going public. Adah’s reps could not be reached for a statement and neither could Lakisha’s. We wait to see how the story unfolds.





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