Rejoice Fontem! Mama Chiara Lubich will be canonized Saint

On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Bishop Raffaello Martinelli will preside at the opening of the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of the foundress of the Focolare Movement, at the Cathedral of Frascati, Italy.
Chiara-Lubich-01The opening of the Cause was joyfully announced in a letter to the Focolare Movement, in which president, Maria Voce, invited all those who live the spirituality of unity to be a “living witness” to what Chiara had lived, proclaimed and shared with so many; that is, the common effort of “becoming saints together.”

The decision to solicit the opening of the Cause of Canonization had been announced by Maria Voce on December 7, 2013, with the hope that such recognition would encourage many in their moral and spiritual commitment to the good of humankind.

The event on January 27th can be followed via the Internet. From Focolare online newsletter.








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