Nathalie Koah taunts fans with her

2015/01/img_0130.png Nathalie shared this picture on IG. She has legs for days….. Here is an except from her interview with kamermoov .

Excerpt from my interview for the site “kamermoov: it is no longer too stressful?”

Me: what? My problems? Ahhh my brother everyone has. And some even live worse then this side there I always knew manage. I lost my father very young, it’s still my biggest heartache. What happened to me in the summer is serious but manageable and it manages. Critics of the people, boofff without surprise. People like to talk about what he does not control, then say things that they are unaware of the ins and outs. You have beautiful brandish them the evidence that they will cry conspiracy. When you comploteras even they sing your praises. How will I be stressing about that? I was more amused than anything else. The saddest are some “professionals” of the journalism that we do at all except their work. They have become an expert in racket and begging. They convey information of more offering. So to blame what are them, not those who greatly diluted information arrives. “


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