Tilla ft Shey and Reniss

Tilla ft Shey and Reniss in Pantana

All day no be Christmas.. hahaha love it

New Bell Music’s female MC, Tilla, releases her first official single, “Pantana,” featuring Shey and Reniss. New Bell Music SETS the tone for 2015, ushering in the new year a with a reggae/dancehall/hip hop/highlife song to get the club jumping. “Pantana” is an electrifying, bass-heavy party track that showcases Tilla’s style. Tilla makes it look easy, with flows that shape shift with the rhythm. Rapping in Pidgin and English, Tilla brings a sexiness and power to her songs, while keeping to her rasta-inspired roots. “Pantana” (which means ganja in Mboko Pidgin) features Shey’s energetic reggae-driven style and Reniss’ angelic voice enticing you to come join the party. Produced by Le Monstre, Tilla’s single “Pantana” is the first release off New Bell Music’s upcoming collaborative EP, “Lord Have Mercy.” Also a featured rapper on the “Et P8 Koi 237 Remix,” Tilla is currently working on her own solo EP, which will be out later this year.


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