Bikutsi Queens you should know : Kalyss K, Cornelia Lalos, Leti’s Diva, Coco Argentee, Mani Bella, Lady Ponce, K-Tino, Cabel, Tchakala VIP, Amazone


Lady Ponce


Leti’s Diva
Letis Diva
From her album “Explosion” (2010), the song “Disappointment” is awesome. “I have not been SURPRISE by this success. I worked for three years in the studio. And when you’re serious, the public feels, “said Leti’s Diva. The song is about a woman who gave everything to a man. Despite her best efforts, he left her.
Leti’s Diva sang in choir from age 8 years. She spent 10 years singing in choir and working on her art to be a Bikutsi Diva. Her tiny waist, beautiful skin, and soft voice are usually accompanied by Jeans “destroyer” or shorts, high heels and lipstick. “For me, art is physical beauty combined with moral beauty and talent,” she states.
Leti’s Diva is an author, composer and producer, “It is very difficult to take all these caps. But I had to do. She reports sexual and financial harassment in quest for a producer. To these people, she says today: “Do not look at my body, but my talent.”
She completed a Masters in animal biology, at the University of Yaoundé I, and then dedicated her time to her first passion which is music and being Leti’s Diva. “Music has dominated, she always won on my studies. But I wanted to complete before I spend, “she reveals.

Enjoy her video for Bikutsi Akere

Coco Argentee

Coco Argentee

Her real name Corine Céline Ntyame; stage name Coco Argentee, she was born in Mbandjock in August 1982. After earning her advanced Levels ( bachelor A4), she relocated to Chad between 2003 and 2006. In 2006, she joined a French companion in Belgium. She started singing from age of 6, in a Protestant church choir. While in the 6th grade in Yaounde, she formed a girl band with two other girls and they sang the song “The girls feeling.” which won a contest. Stronghead Coco Argentee sang at nightclubs against her parent’s wishes. Today, she is happy to have held firm: “I always knew I was going to make a career in music. It allows me to express myself, to tell my joys, my sorrows, my tears, ” states Coco Argentee. She is married and has two children.
Coco Argentee is based in Belgium
Her hips, lips, crazy hair and dance moves are her signature
ENjoy her 2014 video for “Made in Cameroun”

Mani Bella


If you are anti “kongossa” then you know Mani Bella, “I have been the victim of gossip, I had the courage to say no. I struggle against backbiting, I represent anti-kongossistes “says Mani Bella. To the one who indulges in gossip, she promises: “Your tongue will be cut, I swear your teeth will even jump, and your mouth will lengthen oh!
“Kongossa” is the title track of his first album, “Push life”, released in April 2010. The public loves Mani Bella. Mani Bella was voted best female artist in 2011.
Born October 29, 1987 in Yaoundé, Veronica Bella Mani is the granddaughter of Cherami of the capital and the daughter of the late Leon Bassist Mani, name of the Pilatus artist. Mani Bella become familiar with the world of music from a young age. At home, she met musicians, her father’s friends. She sang in the high school social affairs at Nkoabang and also night clubs (cabarets). After the advanced levels (Bachelor A4), she stopped her studies and relocated to Europe in 2005. She lived in Spain and Italy before returning to Cameroon in 2010: “It made me realize that Europe is me unsuitable. It’s better at home “, she justifies.
Back home, Bella Mani is dedicated to the music: “Music is my life, I can not do anything else.” Also, “the one who puts things in order,” she has already launched the construction of its second album with the promising title: “The correction of Bella Mani”. Meanwhile, she owns cabarets and shows with her cheeky look; bright red hair and long, multi-colored nails. “I love the colors, it gives me the joy of living,” Mani Bella states.

Enjoy Face A Face

Cabel. Bikutsi

Stage name Cabel, the Bikutsi Diva’ and actress real name is Carine Belinga is known for her sensual music, and also for wearing short skirts to show her long slender legs. The 29 year old wife and mother has acted on skits with Edoudoua.
The veteran actress started singing in choir before launching her music career in 2007. Her first album “Boule d’amour” did not gather as much public attention as anticipated. “My instability FACT that the promotion was not intended that,” says Carine Belinga, were the reasons for poor delivery “Eding ene awu.” “I was inspired by my mother who found me very jealous, told me that it is no use to monitor a man. She told me it’s not because you’re beautiful it will be true, “says the singer.
The experience gained in Belinga Carine choirs helped her a lot in secular music. She sings mostly about love, jealousy and men (Bikutsi). I am hoping she releases more music this year.

AMAZONE : Amazone Bikutsi


Amazone owns a beauty saloon in Yaounde opposit Total Nkonldongo called “Pop-coiffure”. Originally from Mbalmayo, she is a Bikutsi singer you have to love. Her real name Françoise Mitsa; stage name Amazone DuCamer. She refers to her musical break as a gift from heaven.
She has performed in clubs in Douala, Equatorial Guinea. She has also been through a divorce. Luckily for this beauty for found love again.

Cornelia Lalos

Cornelia lalos

Cornelia Lalos… Bikutsi entertainer

Kalyss K

Tchakala VIP


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