A Tennessee woman is donating her unused embryos (FERTILITY)

Tennessee mother turns to FACEBOOK to find parents for her six unused embryos… but they must adhere to a strict list of terms

She spent years of ‘heartache’ and thousands of dollars on IVF in a desperate attempt to conceive. And in 2011, Angel Watts (pictured, right, and left, with her husband, Jeff, and two sets of twins) gave birth to a set of twins – followed by another set 16 months ago. Now, the devoted mother-of-four is taking to Facebook in a bid to help another couple to achieve their dream of having children – by offering her six unused, donated embryos for adoption. However, she will not accept any willing parents-to-be – they must adhere to a list of what some may perceive as unusual terms that she has posted on the social networking site.

They must also be in ‘a steady, loving relationship’ with ‘a strong Christian background’, good health (aside from infertility) and roots in Tennessee, where Miss Watts and her husband, Jeff, are from.



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