Happy New Year 2015 :- everything will be double in 2015

Happy New Year 2015. I am so grateful for all the lessons learnt in 2014. I am grateful for family, friends, good health, work, prosperity and the ability to praise God. This 2015 I pray everything doubles for everyone; double promotions, double health; double career; double families (I mean twins); double the love, joy and peace. I pray for peace this year. I pray the Cameroon entertainment industry booms to higher levels. I pray that we all shower each other with kindness and respect.

Personally, I pray for happiness, self discovery, better health, success at school, volunteering, and work and more time for this lovely blog ūüôā

Welcome to 2015


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015 :- everything will be double in 2015

  1. You talked about Double Everything. And in the cased family, you said: having twins. What’s wrong with having two wives? For those who wish to, could as well have it. The hypocrisy is deafening! I find it completely out of place for someone to advocate one wife and still main a girlfriend, mistress and concubine. We should be honest to ourselves

    • Hello Sanusi, I would never advocate for two wives because in our hearts of hearts we women dont like sharing our spouses with anyone. I will not pray for anyone’ spouse to have illigitimate relations either. So… Lets pray for homes where the women are happy and the husband is happy too.
      Happy New Year Sanusi

      • Madam thanks for the kind reply. I don’t intend to drag this issue further. But I believe I need to make this point. Pls where do we draw the dividing line? I quite understand the wish of every woman to have a happy home. But in situations where the husband has need for an additional woman, I think it’s imperative to take care of such need.
        I know there are many women out there who are ready to live with a cheating husband rather than contend with a second wife. But that’s selfish and risky! Atleast 80% of men with one wife engage in extra marital affairs…it could be more. And the women, society know it but we all pretend it’s not happening.
        For your info, I have one wife, 4 kids and have no intention of taking anymore wife. And believe me, before God and man, I don’t engage in outside relationship. Am aware, one man one woman is likely to bring peace and happiness in the home. But we should not foreclose the natural need of others.

        Wish you a happy new year

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