The girl with three boobs (tridevil) is back

tridevil 2

Three breasts Jasmine is back. Tridevil, claims she underwent a $20000 procedure to add a third breast.

Later on, Micheal Squier, 18, claimed Jasmine Tridevil started to carve her name into his chest. She claims that he did the cutting himself.
The so-called three-breasted woman held an 18-year-old man as a caged sex slave and tortured him, he has claimed.

Micheal Squier told the British newspaper The Sun that Jasmine Tridevil forced him to sleep in a dog cage and even started to carve her name into his chest. She has a “torture” room in her Florida home, he said.

“She is completely psychotic,” Squier told The Sun. “She turned me into a slave, beat me and humiliated me. I am physically scarred for life and live with the shame of what she did to me.”

Squier told the newspaper that he went to Tridevil’s home after the pair hit it off on Facebook. He said he spent a few nightmare weeks there before he was able to escape.

Well, the Tridevil is back and this time she seems to have 4 men in her cage..LOL




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