Michelle Duggar from 19 kids and counting has a lesbian sister. How can she hate gays then?

Michelle Duggar’s older sister Evelyn Ruark is a lesbian who is in a long term relationship with her partner Sharon Callahan
Michelle and husband Jim Bob are followers of the Quiverfull movement that promotes procreation and eschews all forms of birth control
Their intolerance toward homosexuality recently prompted more than 180,000 people to sign a petition asking TLC to end their series
Callahan has said that she and Duggar’s sister are worried about the reality star’s lifestyle
‘We have often thought that Quiverfull is a cult. It appears to be brainwashing to me,’ she said
Ruark featured in an early episode of the reality show, although her partner wasn’t featured or even mentioned
The couple aren’t the other members of the extended family at odds with the Duggar’s ultra-conservative family values
Susanna Keller, a sister of Josh Duggar’s wife Anna, is reported to have had a child outside of wedlock



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