Man hacks his wife to death with an ax on Christmas day

While most people were celebrating a holiday which marks the birth of Christ not so many people were feeling joyful.
Dustin Lee Klopp, 36 allegedly axed his wife Stephanie Kilhefner to death on Christmas Eve in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He turned himself into police on Thursday.
Dustin Lee Klopp, 36, reportedly punched his wife Stephanie Kilhefner in the face then used an ax to cut her throat and slice open her head at around 10 p.m. during an argument on Wednesday evening.
Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said the two children, ages five and two, didn’t see heir mother die a horrific death.
Stedman wouldn’t say what Klopp and Kilhhefner were arguing about.
‘I know what he said … What difference does it make? There’s nothing that justifies it,’ he said

R.I.P. Stephanie Kilhefner

Culled DailyMail


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