How can Cameroon movie industry improve in 2015?


Itambi Delphine writes

Proposals for 2015 for a better Cameroon film industry
1. Close down the CFI forums that have not been productive…rather that have been used to insult and be little other filmmakers….
2. If at all this industry still has a unifying body called CFI…then we need a general assembly ASAP
3. Encourage and support each others projects…finding something to appreciat not just criticize
4. Start acting and behaving like we should …you never know who is listening or watching
5. Learn to go through other stages of distribution with our films…not just premiers and DVD releases…we need to do projects that can meet up internationally
6. Portray a beautiful Cameroon culture in our movies…not just the ghettos….let’s show Cameroon in all its diversity….this will increase tourism and create a new image of our country
7. Work together as one…and build trust
8 ignore the ministry of culture when it doesn’t help or support us and find entrepreneurs who may be interested….one day we will sue the ministry for our one billion that has always been given each year yet we never benefit from it…
9 be honest, true and outspoken…through filmmaking we can change our nation..
10…above all we need to do research…on our different fields…know our jib descriptions…if we can’t afford film schools let’s use the internet…let’s have training sessions…we need a lot more people behind and in front of the camera
11….most importantly….we shld be honest with our EP,s. They are the reason we continue to do films…or for some of us , our families.
12 don’t do movies to be a star…do it because you can’t live without it……….love u all



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