What would you do if there was a money spill on the highway? Hong Kong Cash spill

Hongkongers Get Away With Armfuls Of Cash as Money Truck Spills Load in Wan Chai | Cash Falling Out Of Money Truck | Hong Kong Cash Spill | Chinese People Taking Money After Truck Spills Cash On Highway.

Hong Kong police have appealed to the public to return millions of dollars taken after a van transporting HK$525m ($68m; £44m) crashed on a major road.

About HK$35m ($4.5m; £3m) worth of banknotes were left strewn across the tarmac after the road accident.

Witnesses said dozens of people rushed to pocket the cash before armed police arrived to secure the area.

Some HK$20m was retrieved and police warned that failure to return the rest would be “a very serious crime”.

The incident happened at lunchtime on one of Hong Kong’s busiest roads in the Wan Chai district on Hong Kong Island, causing major disruption as people abandoned their cars to collect the notes.

Would you return the money if you picked some? Or would you collect it and give to the van driver immediately. lol


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