Cameroonian woman cuts off son’s penis

This is truly sad. A woman in Nkongsamba, Cameroon cut off her 3 year old son’s penis.
The picture is graphic. I hope the little boy undergoes reconstructive surgery and is placed with a family who loves him.
I just wonder what the child would do or say that his OWN mother would hate him so much as to cause physical harm and pain to him.
We are crying and fighting for violence against women to stop everyday and still some women manage to hurt their own children.
I am not God to judge what sentence the lady should get, however, I hope the boy finds it in his heart to forgive his mother when he grows up.

Does anyone know how we can help with the boy’s recovery. In the meantime, I will have him in my prayers.

Penjo Baby Shared this statement and pictures on facebook

A 30 year old mother cuts off her son’s sexe organ in Manengole, Nkongsamba. The poor innocent 3 years child Njankep Alexandre is presently in a protestant hospital in Ndoungue under intensive care while the mother is in the brigade awaiting trial. Please pray for this boy

Please the pictures are quite disturbing.




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