RAKATA by Vumomse finally dropped on November 29th 2014 .

According to the artist, Rakata which is the key track in the Afropop/Afrobeat album, was born while he was driving in his car, with mixed feelings, after a series of wrong happenings in his life. A signal of victory swept across his mind and before he knew it, he was speaking in tongues and hailing God for having done it for him.

Other songs in the six-track album, produced by Slim Beats & Vumomsé are

2) A Believe

3) Busy Body,

4) Do Me Again,

5) Satan Dey Fee My Bad,

6) You Too Much.

The songs are done in English and pidgin (lingua franca). Featuring in this album whose videos are directed by M.T Muna (Benzene Creation) with BEVON (INV Media UK), are Ewube, Na Me Cyrus, and Bobgala Didier. RAKATA video specially features D3 Dancers from UK





Facebook: facebook.com/vumomse

Instagram: @vumomse_music

Twitter: @charlesvumomse
Tel: (+1) 248 795 8495


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