Is Larissa Ngangoum qualified to represent Cameroon at Miss World 2014?

Questions from Rosemary Atanga after the Miss Cameroon finals

-What Province did Larissa represent?
-Did she meet the criteria for selection before taking part in the final contest?
-Were our home based contestants informed that there was a NEW province that was going to be created to accommodate Miss Larissa?
-Or Was Larissa an Independent Contestant and does the rule permit this?
I will tender by Apology using this same Medium if Larissa met the full requirements SET by COMICA.



“It is a great honor and a privilege to be Miss Cameroon 2014; more so, it is a blessing a represent my country at the 64th edition of Miss World. Thank you for visiting my page and may God bless you all.”

Larissa hails from Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. Currently in her 4th year of Pharmacy studies, she aspires to become a pharmacy doctor, with the ambition to open her own pharmacy in Cameroon in the future. Aside from her studies, Larissa works as a translator. Fluent in French, English and Spanish, she says she learnt Spanish through watching Spanish TV Series. In her spare time, Larissa likes to listen to music, citing Latin pop and Makossa as her favoured genres. She also likes to write, and to continue learning new languages.

“Cameroon is very diverse; it is known as “Africa in Miniature”

Question Time With Larissa

What is the best App you’ve used in the past year?

Music Downloader, WhatsApp and YER.

What is your favourite fashion website?


What item of makeup could you not live without?


What is your most memorable encounter?

King Peggy of Ghana! She is the first ever female King.

Favourite Food?


What annoys you most about the world you live in?


And then…
Dear Larissa, I am sure you are a sweet girl. Is being sweet, prep and ready all we need to run for Miss Cameroon. Is your position as Miss Cameroon FAIR. I read that you get upset by INJUSTICE. Did you run and qualify or was it handed to you by means of discrimination? You may need to stand up for what you believe. At this point most of us think it was handed to you. And that is unfair. It is unfair because we complain about bribery and corruption and you are helping it continue in our country. You did not make it to the regional selections but you attended the finals. Whispers have it you have dual nationality and it is not possible for Cameroonians to have dual nationality at this time. Remember Ndedi Eyango was stripped off his position because of such. He was qualified but they said he is not a Cameroonian at this time. You are doing great work bringing awareness to poverty and orphans. Most poverty is an issue of injustice. You hate injustice. Remember you are a public figure now. I hope you can reply and clarify the people of Cameroon whom you represent. Good luck at Miss World finals

Thank you,

What will Ndedi Eyango and Richard Bona tell Larissa?


MissWorld Photo credits to Miss World website


3 thoughts on “Is Larissa Ngangoum qualified to represent Cameroon at Miss World 2014?

  1. an open letter based on hearsay.. or is it the french law, guilty until proven not guilty? No doubt the word alledge is amiss.

    This was addressed when she won. contact the Cameroon organizers or the Cameroon pageant organizers in USA.

    • Hi J,
      it is not on hear say, I actually have been following Miss Cameroon competitions since June/July during their regionals. I read the statement issued after the finals. I support Miss Cameroon’s representation at the Miss World event. It is unjust to let some people act as “alleged” dual citizens and strip some others off their positions for a similar reason. Dont you think Miss Cameroon and Ministry of Culture need to get on the same page? It’s for a common good.
      I hope you have downloaded the APP to vote for Miss Cameroon. I HAVE

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