Another Cameroonian in prison for embelzzelment

Lydian Yen Eyoum was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison this past September for embezzlement, her lawyers hope she will be set free if she goes to a French court. Lydienne-Yen-Eyoum

In a letter dated October 29, which Jeune Afrique has obtained, and Caroline Wassermann Christian Charrière- Bournazel, who defend the Franco-Cameroonian Lydian Yen Eyoum, asked Sabine Kheris, Court Judge Paris, pushing further its investigations in the case of their client.

Condemned by the Cameroonian justice to twenty-five years’ imprisonment for embezzlement of public funds, it filed a complaint in France for arbitrary detention. Its defenders therefore invite the magistrate to go to Yaounde to conduct the hearing and any action it considers necessary to the General Society and SGBC his Cameroonian subsidiary.

They hope to get a “clear light” regarding the transaction between said SGBC and the State of Cameroon in which Lydian Yen Eyoum occurred in 2003 and is the cause of her condemnation.


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