French citizen refused visa to enter Cameroon

Well darn.. Cameroon embassy now refusing visas to French citizens..

A plane ticket 800 euros, insurance 75 euros and 100 euros in court costs note: Thierry Frantzen Marchienne-au-Pont, was in order to get a visa for Cameroon.
However, at the last moment, the embassy refused to grant them the visa. A blow to the Charleroi who wanted to spend the festive season with Anastasia, his wife, residing in Africa.

“I’m wiped out. We talk for hours webcams interposed by trying to hold on. There, it will make the five months I have not seen in real Anastasia, my wife for two years. I was looking forward so much to finally hold her in my arms. I had to spend the festive season with her, Cameroon. And all my hopes were shattered … “says Thierry Frantzen, not without rage.

Normally, the two lovers had to live nice reunion on October 22. But the Cameroonian embassy decided otherwise. At the last minute, she refused the visa Carolo. “But I answered all the requirements, exclaims capita Marchienne-au-Pont.

I had to provide a series of documents: proof of repatriation guarantee an international vaccination, proof of the purpose of the visit, the payment of 100 euros for opening my file but especially my airfare and back. Yes, it’s crazy, I was asked to buy a ticket that cost 800 euros anyway even before giving me the answer! And yet, despite the fact that I was totally okay and I did all the steps required, the visa was canceled. ”


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