Miss Bess – last dance


I was wondering around the web of Cameroon music and movies when I found an article on kamerflow on Miss Bess. Have you heard about her before? I have not; if this is your first time learning about her then let me introduce Miss Bess to you

She is a Cameroonian singer based in the Netherlands, I also found a youtube video of her concert. She is so enthusiastic. keep it up Miss Bess, love her music and energy

Miss Bess, based in the Netherlands was in the mouths of every street dudes as she swept away the Female Artist Diaspora Achievers Awards of the Voice of African Magazine 2014, in which she was nominated. Being her first international awards ever since her debut, Last Dance, the young stone has been an epitome of talents and beauty reflecting an idle true African Woman and her characteristics.

Hailing from the South Western region of Cameroon, Sophie Bessem Tataw, went home after silencing the mouth of thousands of audience with her flamboyant gesture. “I felt good… it was really grateful for being nominated” she told the


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