Jealous lover runs down exboyfriend, his new girlfriend and injures others

A man’s ex-girlfriend who spotted him walking with his new love for an evening stroll, decided to make the separation permanent by running him and his new girlfriend over.Unfortunately the couple were also walking on a pavement packed with other people, leaving dozens injured …

According to police the female driver, who they named as Jiao T’an, 28, was an ex-girlfriend of Chen Wei, 29, and although they had broken up three years earlier, they had maintained a friendship and she had apparently hoped they would eventually get back together.But that hope was dashed when she spotted him by chance walking with his new girlfriend.

Eyewitness Yue Yan Shih, who narrowly missed being hit herself, told Dailymail, the car had at first stopped on the street in the city of Longquan, in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, and a woman leaned out and started shouting at a man on the pavement
‘She was angry about something because she was really raising her voice, but the man turned his back on her and walked off with another girl.
‘But he hadn’t got very far when the driver suddenly accelerated forward and deliberately drove at him and the other young woman.”It was carnage, there were people lying around everywhere and somebody pulled open the door and dragged the driver out.
‘She was screaming and shouting that she hoped she had got him and his stupid girlfriend and that it was all his fault.’
Several people were treated at the scene with cuts and bruises and Jiao was arrested by police.1415116008668_wps_6_Pic_shows_The_accident_sc




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