Woman throws her soon off a bridge like garbage now charged with first degree murder



The body of London McCabe was found on Monday night after a woman earlier reported throwing her six-year-old son off the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon. Jillian Meredith McCabe (inset), 34, of Seal Rock, was in custody over the aggravated murder and first-degree manslaughter of her son. McCabe reportedly set up an online fundraising site to help care for London, who was diagnosed as severely autistic in 2011 and her husband who has multiple sclerosis

London McCabe was discovered in freezing waters about a mile from the bridge around four hours after his mother said she had thrown him in from about 100 feet up.
The six-year-old’s cause of death is not yet known.
According to NBC, Mrs McCabe last year set up an online fundraising appeal to help care for her severely autistic son and husband, Matt, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and having a mass on his brain stem in November 2013.

Detectives were questioning the woman who made the 911 call on Monday evening.
The head of police in the coastal community, Newport’s Chief Mark Miranda, was on the scene and said that even if someone survived the fall, the cold water would kill in around 20 minutes.
The Coast Guard and Lincoln County authorities searched for hours after the call came in about 6.25pm on Monday. Officers found a woman at the scene.
The body was found floating near a marina after being spotted by a witness from a restaurant close to the Yaquina Bay Bridge.
The Coast Guard dispatched two boats and a helicopter to search the water. The county sheriff’s marine patrol and county search and rescue teams were also involved.
McCabe is being held on $750,000 bail.



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