Ethopian maid attempts to murder Boss’s children

A 25 year old Ethopian maid attempted to kill the children of her boss by pouring boiling water over them, and then stabbing them repeatedly
The maid referred to as Y.B ,had admitted attempting to kill the children and herself because she was being maltreated ..

She told Dubai criminal court
“The four of them, the mother and the children, threatened to kill me..When I later asked them to let me go home, they refused and again threatened to kill me,”
According to The National, Prosecutors said that the maid admitted the attack was an act of revenge for being mistreated and deprived of food.She said that she had planned the crime because her sponsor, L A, a 42-year-old teacher, often accused her of theft and refused to send her back home claiming that her passport was missing.

At 7am on April 11, while the mother was out of the country, Y B poured boiling water on the children – girls A A, 15, and R A, 14, and boy K A, 10 – who were sleeping.She then stabbed them repeatedly with a meat cleaver and a knife.

The eldest sister said the incident happened the same day her mother had to go away for medical treatment.She said: ‘
My sister and I were sleeping on one bed while our brother was sleeping on a mattress.
‘Around 7am I felt some boiling water splashing on my face… I woke up shocked and saw the defendant.She held a boiler and a cleaver in her hands. She stabbed me repeatedly in my face, and then she attacked my sister and then my brother. We escaped and locked ourselves inside the washroom, then called the police.
The maid then went to the mother’s room to take the money and her passport, which was hidden in a drawer.

Emirati policeman said that they went to Al Warqa 2 after receiving the report of the incident and had to break down the flat’s door when no one answered.He said the children were frightened to open the bathroom door, but did so when they knew it was police.
“They were bleeding from everywhere and badly burnt,”
The children were rushed to Rashid Hospital and police said they found the maid sitting on the floor of the flat’s balcony with blood stains on her clothes and the weapons in her hands.

She is then alleged to have tried to slit her own throat before surrendering to police when they raised their guns. She will be deported after serving her jail term.


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