Boy born with four arms and four legs is a god somewhere in the world


A baby boy born with four arms and four legs is causing panic in the streets of Baruipur, east India, as locals believe he is the reincarnation of a god.

The child has been named God Boy, as multiple limbs are common among Hindu deities, and people are travelling from across the region to the city in West Bengal State to get a glimpse of the child. Continue reading

Women with high job authority are unhappy

Women who have power at work are at risk of poorer mental health than women further down the career ladder
‘Women with job authority – the ability to hire, fire and influence pay – have significantly more symptoms of depression than women without this power,’ said Tetyana Pudrovska, of the University of Texas, who carried out the study.
‘In contrast, men with job authority have fewer symptoms of depression than men without such power. Continue reading

Is marriage for you?

Women are increasingly putting their husband’s career before their own, a controversial separate study of Harvard Business School graduates has found.
It canvassed more than 25,000 male and female students, and found 40 per cent of Generation X and ‘boomer’ women said their spouses’ careers took priority over theirs.
The researchers also said only about 20 per cent of them had planned on their careers taking a back seat when they graduated.
They concluded that while women had good intentions when they graduated, they ultimately ended up being held back by their partners.
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Scientists discover a gene that makes certain people bad at relationships

If it seems you are permanently single while everyone else around you is in a relationship, blame your DNA.
Scientists have identified a ‘singleton gene’, and found that those who have it are 20 per cent more likely to be single than others.
It is thought that by lowering levels of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, the gene makes people less comfortable in close relationships.
This could make it harder to form them in the first place – or lead to break-up after break-up.

The scientists from Peking University in Beijing tested hair samples from almost 600 Chinese university students to analyse a gene called 5-HTA1, which comes in two different versions.

Those with the ‘G’ version were much more likely to be single than those with the ‘C’ version.
Some 60 per cent were not in a relationship – compared to 50 per cent of those in the c group.

Importantly, the link couldn’t be explained by other factors that influence relationships, including appearance and wealth.
The key to the findings seems to be the role of the 5-HTA1 gene in the brain.
Those with the ‘G’, or singleton, version make less serotonin, a brain chemical involved in mood and happiness.
It was already known that people with the ‘G’ allele, or version, find it more difficult to get close to others.
Plus, they are more likely to be neurotic and to suffer from depression.
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Stanley Nkenka from Cameroon goes to jail for abusing disabled teen

Two parents have said they watched in horror as a secret camera they installed in their severely disabled son’s bedroom caught a care worker physically assaulting him.

Paul and Julie Rowlands became suspicious their son was been maltreated whenever they visit him at the care home 19-year-old Zak lives, as he usually feels bad whenever they set to leave.

So the couple placed a hidden camera in his room, and alas they discovered Zak was been abused by a care worker.

Footage from the hidden camera exposed Stanley Nkenka, a care worker hitting Zak about the head, calling him a stupid boy and leaving him alone in the dark in tears. He was also seen flicking the teenager in the face with a dressing gown and later warning as he stood over him: “Right, don’t come out. If you come, I hit your head.”

Nkenka then hits Zak’s head again before ending with a veiled threat, pointing at him: “Cross the mark…” At the end of the heartbreaking clip, autistic Zak is heard crying into his pillow in the dark bedroom.

His parents reported to the right authorities and Nkenka who is from Cameroon was charged and now jailed for 6 months.

Zak parents are now launching a campaign for cameras to be installed in all care home bedrooms to stop further abuse.
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Billy Gilman is gay

Way to go, Billy. This is a great day for country music. Your powerful declaration will change the lives of so many people.

The floodgates are clearly opening in country music and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

On Thursday morning country star Ty Herndon came out as gay, and now singer Billy Gilman is following suit! Gilman became the youngest person to land on the Top 40 country music charts when his 2000 hit “One Voice” charted when he was 12-years-old.
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