Is Victoria Secret’s Ad ” The Perfect Body” appropriate for young girls or any customers?

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for an ‘irresponsible’ advert for their new ‘push up denim range of bras.
Featuring Angels Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge and the face of the brands new perfume Jasmine Tookes, the ad looks much like the many others released by the brand over the years, with the three sculpted abs, gazelle like legs and perfect white teeth smiling out at us.
But what has upset many is the wording used across the poster, which states simply ‘The Perfect Body’.

So strong in fact is the strength of feeling about the wording of the advert that a petition has been launched urging the lingerie brand to take it down.
The campaign on was set up by three students Gabriella Kountourides,Laura Ferris and Frances Black, who spotted the advert in a shopping centre in Leeds
Calling on Victoria’s Secret to ‘apologise for, and amend the irresponsible marketing of your new bra range ‘Body” the campaign states that the ad sends out an ‘unhealthy and damaging message about women’s bodies and how they should be judged’







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