Ask Docta! by Dr Emmanuel Anyangwe Ngassa, talks about diabetes

Dr. Oz of Cameroon or rightly known as Dr Anyangwe Ngassa talks about “sugar sick” (diabetes). Enjoy the informative video and share with your nonnies.

I first learnt about Ask Docta on IrepCamer.

In this first episode of “Ask Docta!” the lectures are on Diabetes mellitus, or Sugar sick. Dr. Susan Enjema Aweh, a renown Cameroonian medical doctor practicing in the field of Internal medicine in Germany breaks down the mystic behind Diabetes mellitus and explains to us the pathophysiology and the social aspects of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is very wide spread already and in will continue to do so because of the changing life styles of the world’s population. Especially in Africa where there is very little general awareness of Diabetes the consequences are and shall become even more disastrous. The general public in most African countries aren’t that informed of diabetes mellitus and many other illnesses. It is in this light that Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa of Manunga Studio has started the series “Ask Docta!” with the primary intention to educate the masses in West Africa that by using the lingua franca, Pidgin English, that at least six countries share in common, namely Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cameroon. As well as being the first video of the series at all, this video is also Part 1 of the topic “Sugar sick” because of the vastness and the social implications of diabetes mellitus. Anybody who wants to actively participate on the discussions concerning any topic tackled on “Ask Docta!” can join the debate by contacting us at In this video the Cameroonian born Dr. Susan Enjema Aweh teaches us all the basics and some details on what Sugar sick or Diabetes mellitus is all about.

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