Is Ebola a terrorist? If not why would the US government send troops to Africa instead of medications.

It looks like things have moved out of the conspiracy world to a corner where certain well educated Africans and African-Americans like Dr. Randy Short are more than certain that EBOLA was created the USA government—and they claim to have documents/patent papers to back their assertion.
The Patent has the US Department of Health signature on it.
In a recent debate (4th October) on Press TV, the question; is EBOLA Man made was considered and it is definitely a must watch.

Interestingly, instead of the United States’ President-Barrack Obama deploying doctors to Africa to help fight EBOLA, he has deployed thousands of troops—making people ask; what for?

After watching the videos, tell us what you think. Do you believe this new EBOLA was created by the US government? And what have you heard so far from other sources or debates?


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