Cameroonian women demand more female condoms

According to the Cameroon Association for Social Marketing more than 1.5 million female condoms were purchased in 2013 in Cameroon. More women are choosing this method for contraception and STD prevention.

Amougou nee Augustine Bernadette Mofoue has been using the female condom for the past three years and knows why the demand is on the increase.
“Initially the female condom made so much noise and women did not know how to properly insert it, but now, they know. I move with it the whole day when I intend to meet my partner. I don’t want him to complain that it takes long to insert.”

Young girls are encouraged to use female condoms to prevent unintended pregnancies. Unplanned pregnancies are common among uneducated, low income and teenagers in Cameroon.
Clementine Menguele of the Apostolic Women Group underscored the importance of the female condom.
“I tell women to use the female condom which is advantageous for us, economical, has a normal sensation and limits sexually transmittable diseases”.
As a mother of seven, Menguele knows the benefits of the female condom to limit the number of children and she advises other women in her Church group to use and impose the female condom to their partners.
“I took time to convince my partner, I refuse sexual intercourse if we do not use the female condom,” Menguele says.
Though, initially, the Church refused contraceptives, times have changed; the Church and Christians are changing.
“The condom is a way of ensuring health and through informal women’s meetings in the Church, we share information on the family and health, profitable to the society,” she added.

The female condoms acts like a bucket to contain liquid-Landry Akene.

Culled from CameroonPostline


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