Kribi, City of the future Cameroon

You may have come across this concept but the Government of Cameroon has big dream for the City of Kribi. The government has pinned its hopes to becoming an emerging nation on the transformation of Kribi into an industrial and commercial. If this happens, Kribi will become a launching pad for the development of the country. The entire initiative has been named the “Grand Ambitions.” Some of the infrastructural projects that are the cornerstone of this initiative are ongoing. This is the case of Kribi Deep Sea Port project, the Hydro electric powers and dams such as Lom Pangar and Mvélé, The Douala-Yaoundé motorway the name a few.kribi2035_3

At the moment, no city looks like this in Cameroon. Granted major infrastructural project are being conducted in Yaoundé, none of them will transform these cities into what is presented in the concept video below. For those city to even remotely look like these concepts, a major overhaul of building standards have to be performed, improvement need to be made on existing buildings and certain habits need to be dropped.kribi2035


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