Itz E- Hallelujah

It was on the early phase of the september month that the Cameroonian
entertainment industry witnessed the outburst of the upcoming Gospel
artist Itz E with the release of his debut single Halleujah.
Itz E whose real names we got as Wirkom Emmanuel S. Has been working
in the closet for some years now and he deemed it necessary for the
Camerooniann public and the world at large to get a taste of what he
is made up of #Hallelujah.
In the song Hallelujah, he gives appreciation to God for the blessings
upon his life, success, his family and his world… This is properly
exhausted in the third verse whe he mentions “every thing i di do na
success….. every where i go na favour… and so on…

And in the song, he brings out the Cameroonian rythm #Makossa mixed
with some afropop sensation and making it a diverse flow.
Itz E looks forward to storming the international scene and impacting
the world atlarge through music and believes with the support of the
public we are making it…..
“Its a journey but i stay focused on achieving and i believe with your
support we are getting higher… Happiness is a choice AND SUCCESS IS

The audio was produced and mastered by King Ray of Re Studios Yaounde

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