Collette Orji stunning in photos-Beautifully made

Hey dolls,
doesnt Collette Orji ooze of of beauty in these photos? She is a Cameroonian actress in Nollywood and also our beauty of the day




Concert benefit for EBOLA. Performing artists include P Brodaz, J. Martins, Majid Michel

Contribute to this fundraiser for fight against EBOLA and meet African celebrities at the same time.I hope to make it to this event. If I do, I will share some of the pictures on here 🙂

Roots to Glory Tours, Tatou Vibes & Franco Records
In collaboration with African Communities


Benefit Concert
For EBOLA Relief

Friday, October 3, 2014, 7pm – 11pm
At the Filmore, Silver Spring
8656 Colesville Rd. Silver Spring, MD 20910

All proceeds go to MSF (Doctors without Borders) and International Medical Corps.
For help with basic needed items to combat EBOLA

Come and see spectacular performances by some of Africa’s best musicians including
Nimba Burr, Naomi Achu, Ville, P. Brodaz, Raliya, Chris Deshield, Pan Lara,
Armond Ntep, Tolumide, EBOLA Song Sierra Leone Artists, Cheick Hamala Diabates
African Musicans United USA, Famos, and many more……..

Hosted by J. Martin

Special guest appearance by Najid Michel and John Dumelo

Uganda men complain about condom sizes being too small for their male organs. Big problem since use of condoms is encouraged to tackle high prevalence of HIV and STDs

History of condoms
Uganda’s Parliamentary Committee for HIV/AIDS has confirmed after touring areas worst hit by the virus that some men, “have bigger sexual organs and therefore should be considered for bigger condoms.”

“Some youth are complaining that the condoms they are being given are too short, their organs can’t fit in them.”
MP Merard Bitekyerezo told NTV Uganda, “Some youth are complaining that the condoms they are being given are too short, their organs can’t fit in them.”

Sarah Netalisile, another committee member says the small size is further, “exposing our younger boys and girls, and all those users of condoms, to the acquiring of HIV and AIDS.”

MPs across Uganda will be pushing for better condom supplies and bigger sized condoms in Uganda’s fight to curb HIV/Aids.
An estimated 80,000 lives are lost every year in Uganda due to the disease with 1.8 million people reportedly living in the country with the HIV infection.

Despite Uganda’s ‘ABC’ strategy –Abstinence, Be faithful, and use a Condom, dropping infection rate from 18% in 1992 to 6.4% in 2005, rates have taken on a rising trend with 7.2% infections reported in 2012.
Exploring the issue in India reveals that in 2006, the Indian Council of Medical Research reported an estimated 60% of men in Mumbai had penises that were at least 2.4 centimeters (one inch) shorter than the international condom sizes.

Is everyone moving from books to e-read?


I saw this online recently, i do not think people are not reading books anymore. May be because I am reading and most people around me are reading too. Studying has shifted from big texts to online documents. What is your take? Do you think education is only hard copy books or is information the same irregardless of mode of studying (online or in class)

Sad news: Cameroonian man found dead in Georgia USA. His body was found 2 weeks after his death

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has learned the identity of the man police found murdered in his Fulton County home on Monday.

Police believe Dume Ejuba was dead for about two weeks at his home on Marcliff Court.

Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri was at the scene Monday night as investigators processed the scene at the house.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said they are still investigating the cause of death.

They said the 51-year-old had traumatic injuries consistent with a homicide. His car was missing from the home but police said they’ve now located it.

A friend and former colleague gave Channel 2 a photo of Ejuba.

“It breaks my heart that he was there by himself like that because he really was a really nice guy,” said friend Wanda Freeman.

Freeman said she worked with Ejuba, originally from Cameroon, for 10 years at AT&T. She was stunned to hear police found the engineering assistant dead inside his home.

Police believe Ejuba was dead for about two weeks before neighbors noticed his front door ajar. According to the report, medics found a violent scene and Ejuba’s partially covered body was in the living room. Investigators said they recovered his green Nissan Maxima, which was missing from the home. They are now processing it for clues. Continue reading

Polio outbreak in Cameroon

In Cameroon, 2 new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported from the East Region, with onset of paralysis on 26 June 2014 and 9 July 2014. Genetic sequencing of these latest isolated viruses confirms continued wild poliovirus circulation, gaps in surveillance resulting in undetected transmission and geographic expansion to new areas of the country.

The outbreak in Cameroon has been ongoing since at least October 2013. The outbreak continued into 2014, with international spread to Equatorial Guinea. In March 2014, WHO elevated the risk assessment of international spread of polio from Cameroon to very high, due to expanding circulation and influx of vulnerable refugee populations from Central African Republic (CAR). This risk assessment remains in place. Further undetected circulation in Cameroon cannot be ruled out. Moreover, the risk of virus spreading into CAR is considered to be particularly high given the large-scale population movements from CAR into Cameroon. Continue reading

T-Naya -African man

Just heard this song today by T-Nayah. First saw it on IRepCamer. Love the song. good job T-Nayah

From the INCEPTION mixtape released last summer, African Man speaks to the strength, the vigor, and the Love of an African Man. T-Nayah conveys this message in a beautiful marriage of song, voice, and lyric, which are sure to grip your mind, and erupt an appreciation for the African Man. Legacy Entertainment presents T-Nayah in African Man. We hope you enjoy. Please like, comment, and share.