MarkynazeHotMoney-Tose me 5

Let me start by saying I am super duper excited to introduce my personal person Mark Hot Money on here, so glad to announce that my friend is about to release his first album. Listen here to his single

Now based in Douala, Cameroon, DJ Hotmoney is still rocking crowds in popular clubs and concerts. Furthermore, he has found a new area of interest on the microphone, where he has amazed the audience with his MC skills. The MC has always played an important role in African music. In popular French African culture, the MC is known as Atallakou. As Hotmoney spins his records, he always has a mic in his hand to motivate the listeners to ‘get in the groove’ and dance.

Through communication and constant networking, DJ Hotmoney has built a connection with top artists and producers in Africa, Europe, Canada and USA. He is currently working on his debut album in collaboration with Wildcat Entertainment and associates, which is due for release late summer 2014. The world is waiting for what DJ Hotmoney has to offer.


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