Murder for hire- Cameroonian doctor in Maryland hires undercover cop to kill his 4th wife

Jesus Take control
A 37-year-old man in Maryland is accused of ordering a $1,000 hit on his fourth ex-wife, Montgomery County Police say.

Detectives say the received information last Tuesday Ndokey P. Enow wanted to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. An undercover Montgomery County Police officer posing as a hitman met with Enow at Four Corners in Silver Spring several days later, offering his services to Enow for $1,000.

Enow then showed the “hitman” photos of his wife and where she lived. Just after the meeting concluded, Enow was arrested and charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder and attempt first-degree murder.

“We take these things very seriously in Montgomery County and murder for hire is not something to be taken lightly,” Ramon Korionoff with the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office said.

In court this week, prosecutors said Enow has a lengthy history of domestic violence with the woman he wanted killed, also posting about his frustration online.

“All these ladies got their life in America through my hard work … I am at the verge of loosing [sic] every thing [sic] I have work hard [sic] for,” Enow wrote.

He’s behind prison without bond and police say he confessed to the crime. He has a fiancee at home.

According to his LinkedIn page, Enow is a computer security expert, claiming he has done work for the Navy.


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