Steveslil-Diana produced by Emil Ngumbah

Steveslil has the killer instinct to enter into the hall of fame of reputable urban music acts in Africa. His musical prowess and versatility to effortless switch from one genre to another is breathtaking . After releasing a phenomenal single “Ebangha” , the Cameroonian sultry R&B/Afro-pop songster has gamely resurfaced with a life-enhancing love and marriage story incorporated in a soul-searching song titled “Diana” . Continue reading

Ambe George a Cameroonian in China stabbed to death


It’s not safe for our brothers and sisters in China oh. The gang dispersed before police arrived so no one has been charged? Seek Justice for Ambe

Another incident involving an armed gang against one person ended in tragedy four days ago outside a nightclub in Fujian province.

Ambe Georges, as identified by his friends, was seen fleeing outside of a nightclub near Fuzhou’s Yuefang Building around 4:00 a.m. on June 16th, followed by an armed gang who chased him down and stabbed him to death. According to a witness report on Xinhua, the gang had dispersed by the time police showed up. Continue reading

We miss you Mac Vivien Foe-forever in our hearts


The death of Foe Mac Vivian remains one of the saddest moments of Cameroon soccer history and the world in general. June 26, 2003 he died after collapsing during a FIFA Confederations club game.

On 26 June 2003, Cameroon faced Colombia in the semi-final, held at the Stade de Gerland in Lyon, France. In the 72nd minute of the match Foé collapsed in the centre circle, with no other players near him.After attempts to resuscitate him on the pitch, he was stretchered off the field, where he received mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and oxygen. Medics spent 45 minutes attempting to restart his heart, and although he was still alive upon arrival at the stadium’s medical centre he died shortly afterwards, in spite of the efforts to save his life. A first autopsy did not determine an exact cause of death, but a second autopsy concluded that Foé’s death was heart-related as it discovered evidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a hereditary condition known to increase the risk of sudden death during physical exercise.
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Cameroonians beat up star football player Stephane Mbia

Stephane Mbia was beaten by Cameroonian holligans at Avenue Kennedy on June 26 because we did not qualify for the next stage of the world cup. Such a sad world. We get upset for our players not showing good sportsmanship when they fight among themselves and even hit other players. yet we beat them up for not winning. Ughh. things like this spoil my day/night

Fally Ipupa allegedly posts nude photos of his girlfriend online- only problem is she is Samuel Eto’s ex mistress

Rumour has it Ms Koah dated Eto’o for seven years, separated from him last year and has been with Fally since December. Only problem is she allegedly sent pictures to Fally and someone stole his laptop and leaked it online. So sad.
Nathalie Koah is in the hospital following trauma after she discovered her nude pictures had been leaked online. She has also been fired from her job at Camair Co. Do not send naked pictures of yourself to anyone including yourself. Infact do not take pictures without clothes on.

To see the pics
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