Steveslil-Diana produced by Emil Ngumbah

Steveslil has the killer instinct to enter into the hall of fame of reputable urban music acts in Africa. His musical prowess and versatility to effortless switch from one genre to another is breathtaking . After releasing a phenomenal single “Ebangha” , the Cameroonian sultry R&B/Afro-pop songster has gamely resurfaced with a life-enhancing love and marriage story incorporated in a soul-searching song titled “Diana” . Continue reading

We miss you Mac Vivien Foe-forever in our hearts


The death of Foe Mac Vivian remains one of the saddest moments of Cameroon soccer history and the world in general. June 26, 2003 he died after collapsing during a FIFA Confederations club game.

On 26 June 2003, Cameroon faced Colombia in the semi-final, held at the Stade de Gerland in Lyon, France. In the 72nd minute of the match Foé collapsed in the centre circle, with no other players near him.After attempts to resuscitate him on the pitch, he was stretchered off the field, where he received mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and oxygen. Medics spent 45 minutes attempting to restart his heart, and although he was still alive upon arrival at the stadium’s medical centre he died shortly afterwards, in spite of the efforts to save his life. A first autopsy did not determine an exact cause of death, but a second autopsy concluded that Foé’s death was heart-related as it discovered evidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a hereditary condition known to increase the risk of sudden death during physical exercise.
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Cameroonians beat up star football player Stephane Mbia

Stephane Mbia was beaten by Cameroonian holligans at Avenue Kennedy on June 26 because we did not qualify for the next stage of the world cup. Such a sad world. We get upset for our players not showing good sportsmanship when they fight among themselves and even hit other players. yet we beat them up for not winning. Ughh. things like this spoil my day/night

Sorry Delta Airlines- there are no giraffes in Ghana

A congratulatory tweet celebrating the United States men’s national soccer team’s over Ghana in the World Cup on Monday backfired when the African nation was represented with a picture of a giraffe.

The long-necked animals do not live in Ghana, a country on the continent’s western coast.

To represent the United States, the Delta employee used a picture of the Statue of Liberty.

Condemnation of the tweet was fast and furious, as Twitter users erupted, calling the uninformed message racist and ignorant.
Delta Airlines issued an apology — albeit with a typo — for its ‘Ghana giraffe’ tweet.Delta Airlines issued an apology — albeit with a typo — for its ‘Ghana giraffe’ tweet.PreviousNextDelta Airlines issued an apology — albeit with a typo — for its ‘Ghana giraffe’ tweet. Delta Airlines apologized after deleting the giraffe tweet.

Delta quickly deleted the offending tweet and eventually an apology — the first of which contained a typo. Rather than previous, it read “precious” when referring to the original tweet.

Culled from NY Daily News

Is this the best world cup song yet? Major-Umqombothi (African Heroes)

The major sisters are at it again. This time around with a world cup themed song. Cameroonian girls are beautiful mehn!!

Irene Major said, “We are children of the world… but we know where we come from and Umqombothi – African Heroes is dedicated to the teams, players and fans from the continent of Africa in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.”

Elsa Major added, “Umqombothi is good times. We love Yvonne Chaka Chaka, we love our African teams and we love the World Cup.”

Murder for hire- Cameroonian doctor in Maryland hires undercover cop to kill his 4th wife

Jesus Take control
A 37-year-old man in Maryland is accused of ordering a $1,000 hit on his fourth ex-wife, Montgomery County Police say.

Detectives say the received information last Tuesday Ndokey P. Enow wanted to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. An undercover Montgomery County Police officer posing as a hitman met with Enow at Four Corners in Silver Spring several days later, offering his services to Enow for $1,000.

Enow then showed the “hitman” photos of his wife and where she lived. Just after the meeting concluded, Enow was arrested and charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder and attempt first-degree murder.

“We take these things very seriously in Montgomery County and murder for hire is not something to be taken lightly,” Ramon Korionoff with the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office said.

In court this week, prosecutors said Enow has a lengthy history of domestic violence with the woman he wanted killed, also posting about his frustration online.

“All these ladies got their life in America through my hard work … I am at the verge of loosing [sic] every thing [sic] I have work hard [sic] for,” Enow wrote.

He’s behind prison without bond and police say he confessed to the crime. He has a fiancee at home.

According to his LinkedIn page, Enow is a computer security expert, claiming he has done work for the Navy.