Socellerie des hommes


Am not sure what to say about this one. Feel for the scalp, scratch the skin, check the other family members pattern, just so unsure…


Hon. Etombi sponsoring VVF treatment in Cameroon

She is sponsoring treatment for patients of Versico Vaginal Fistulas in Limbe.

Women in Fako Division in particular and the South West in general, are all smiles following an altruistic initiative by Hon. Etombi Ikome Gladys, MP for the Fako East Constituency. She is sponsoring treatment for patients suffering from Versico Vaginal Fistulas, which is an abnormal after-birth medical complication whereby victims pass out urine uncontrollably.

After visiting some of the female patients at the Limbe Regional Hospital on Monday, Mrs. Etombi was satisfied with the team of medical experts for the treatment being carried out on five women. She told CT that the initiative is a personal effort that kicked-off with her announcement on March 8, 2014 during the International Women’s Day celebrations.
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Cameroon government receives free school supplies

Summed up as a rare demonstration of humanitarian actions, some five colleges and primary schools in Bui division have offered special prayers in favour of their benefactors, who recently constructed and freely handed to them, 15 classrooms, several offices, stores, staff rooms, toilets, school wash-hand basins, benches, tables, chairs, drinking pails, school gardens and micro-credit schemes, amongst others.
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Jesus appears in Cameroon


According to Mrs Amoughi, she was seated at her home on Tuesday about 1700 when she felt movement and saw brightlight before noticing a Jesus like figure on the wall. She called her nephew to verify with her and immediately both go on their knees and started going to worship God. Thousands of believers have been to her house to share this apparition with her… DOes this look like a true video or is it END TIMES WORSHIPPERS