“Government High School Buea” graduation date set for March 22

University of Buea is now “Government High School Buea”. As the popular saying goes UB is the place to be when you are not there.

Forget the dreams and plans hundreds if not thousands of UB students and their families had for December graduation.

Forget the fact that graduating from University is a goal for most students in Cameroon.(and having a graduation party too)

Forget that you may need your transcript to apply for graduate or post graduate school.

Forget that you may need your transcript to apply for jobs.

Most students who were supposed to graduate from UB this past December had graduation ceremony pushed aside/postponed, and cancelled because His Excellency The President of the Republic of Cameroon “planned” to visit the town in November, pushed to December, postponed till further notice, finally happened in February. However, the University is pleased to announce that since the President’s visit happened successfully, the students will be graduating this March 22. It’s a week away so I hope nothing changes again. 

Its beyond sad to say most of these students have only known one president as leader of the nation since they were birthed. So are we passing along a message to the students and “prospective leaders” of tomorrow that education can wait? that education matters only after politics? that education matters only after we have celebrated history?

Not all fingers are the same so not all countries are the same. President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama take pride in participating at commencement ceremonies for students(high school, community colleges, university) every year. And so did all of America’s previous Presidents. Same with most/all the leaders in Europe and even some African countries(Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa,Ethopia just to name a few) doubt me youtube and see for yourself.


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