Stop sexting us! Single women dont find sexting appealing

Single men may think sexts are a good way to flirt, but the majority of women see them as a turn-off.
According to’s annual Singles in America survey, 75per cent of women say they don’t enjoy getting sexy photos from men, and 61per cent say even clothed selfies are bad, too.

Unsurprisingly, the opposite was true for men; the study found that three-quarters of male respondents say they are happy to receive a revealing photo from the opposite sex.

One thing that does turn a man off when it comes to texting, however, is abbreviated text speak; 39per cent said they’d rather a woman spell out the whole word ‘you’ than use ‘u’, for example.

Men are also not fans of getting texts during work hours. Indeed, 45per cent said they’d prefer to communicate via SMS when they’re not on the clock.
By contrast, nearly two-thirds of women – 63per cent – said they actually enjoy receiving texts at work, which could have something to do with their better ability to cope with distractions.

Rutgers University professor Helen Fisher, who helped develop the survey, said of this particular finding: ‘Tetal testosterone compartmentalizes the male brain – giving many men the ability to focus deeply, but narrowly.

‘Men prefer to do one thing at a time – a message from a potential mate just distracts their focus’

‘As a result of this brain architecture, many men prefer to do one thing at a time – an email from a potential mate just distracts their focus.’

The sexes were equal when it came to texting more than once before getting a reply; 59per cent of men and women said this was one of the biggest turnoffs.

Women may not like receiving sexy photos, but more than a third do like sending them; 36per cent admitted to having texted a revealing photo of themselves to a man.

And among singles who have received sexy photos from the opposite sex, 26per cent of men and 23per cent of women admit to sharing the photo with friends.

So instead of texting a sexy selfie, men should consider sending non-sexual photos, which are enjoyed by 79per cent of women, or emoticons, which 76per cent of females say they like.
Culled from DailyMail


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