Shirtless Alex Song looking yumm

Shirtless Alex Song looking yumm

Spoiler alert? He is married and has kids too. Lol


Dencia threatens to sue anyone who states her skin lightening cream causes cancer

dencia grammys
Becareful before using your free press rights because Dencia is watching ready to come for anyone who says Whitenicious causes cancer. Continue reading

Jealous woman kills exhusband, his new wife and child in a fire

A 33-year-old Ghanaian woman, on Monday 27th of January, 2014 wiped out her ex-husband’s entire new family. Efua Badu and her ex were once married but latter separated when the two were having problems in their marriage. Their families tried to settle the matter, but her ex-husband insisted it was over. He later got married and impregnated a 25-year old lady who gave birth to a daughter who is now two and half year-old.

Efua who couldn’t stand losing her man, the father of her two kids, at around 1.30am in the early hours of Monday set the uncompleted building her ex was living ablaze, Continue reading

Beauty of the day is Chateh Christine

Ms Christine is our beauty of the day because… she is just gorgeous. She graduated from Undergrad May 2013 and is starting pharmacy next year. Currently works as a pharmacy tech and enjoys blogging at In her spare time she enjoys music, painting, dancing and connecting with friends. More pics Continue reading

Despite the corrupt nature of Cameroon, the “government” is working to cut off ghost workers

YAOUNDE — Cameroon has started cleaning its payroll of so-called “ghost workers” who are believed to cost the country $12 million every month. But the effort appears to also have impacted legitimate government workers – especially those in the military – who say they are not getting paid. Continue reading

Fire at Limbe old market and there is NO fire department to turn fire off

The cause of the inferno is unknown, but unconfirmed sources say the flames might have been generated by an electrical iron.

Traders who were affected by the fire fought hard to stop the fire but the damage it caused to shops and property was enormous.

The inhabitants of New Town and shop owners in the Limbe Old market woke up yesterday Monday 27 January 2014 in the early morning only to discover that fire has ravaged some 50 shops worth millions of FCFA. The fire outbreak is said to have occurred about 3:30 a.m. consumed some fifty wooden shops and their entire contents. Continue reading