Fatal overdose on homemade viagra leads to 1 dead in Ebolowa

Fokou Lambert who is fondly called Docta had an appointment with a vibrant young lady of 21 years in an Inn.
The old man, according to a reliable source, consumed locally produced viagra in order to be up to the task. Continue reading


Beauty of the day is Chateh Christine

Ms Christine is our beauty of the day because… she is just gorgeous. She graduated from Undergrad May 2013 and is starting pharmacy next year. Currently works as a pharmacy tech and enjoys blogging at http:justforthesakeof.blogspot.com In her spare time she enjoys music, painting, dancing and connecting with friends. More pics Continue reading

Despite the corrupt nature of Cameroon, the “government” is working to cut off ghost workers

YAOUNDE — Cameroon has started cleaning its payroll of so-called “ghost workers” who are believed to cost the country $12 million every month. But the effort appears to also have impacted legitimate government workers – especially those in the military – who say they are not getting paid. Continue reading

Fire at Limbe old market and there is NO fire department to turn fire off

The cause of the inferno is unknown, but unconfirmed sources say the flames might have been generated by an electrical iron.

Traders who were affected by the fire fought hard to stop the fire but the damage it caused to shops and property was enormous.

The inhabitants of New Town and shop owners in the Limbe Old market woke up yesterday Monday 27 January 2014 in the early morning only to discover that fire has ravaged some 50 shops worth millions of FCFA. The fire outbreak is said to have occurred about 3:30 a.m. consumed some fifty wooden shops and their entire contents. Continue reading

Woman wants kidney back from exhusband after he leaves her for another woman

Woman wants kidney back from exhusband after he leaves her for another woman

There are men and women who have been lucky to get a kidney or other spare parts from their partners, forget the sacrifice and later divorce, break up or disappear. Well one of those scorned women wants her kidney back…
Do you think he should return her kidney?
Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Girl gives boy a kidney. Boy leaves girl and — surprise, surprise — girl wants kidney back.

That’s the story one U.K. woman recently shared with newspaper the Sunday People, explaining how she donated the vital organ to her dying husband, only to have him leave her once he recovered. Continue reading

Pope on Cover of “Music Bible” Rolling Stone Magazine

The pope graces the cover of the iconic music magazine this week for “The Times They Are A-Changin’:
Inside the Pope’s gentle revolution,” a 7,700-word profile by contributing editor Mark Binelli, who went inside the Vatican to report on Francis’ swift break from tradition.

“In less than a year since his papacy began, Pope Francis has done much to separate himself from past popes and establish himself as a people’s pope,” Binelli writes.

More from the profile:

Surprising desk clerks at the hotel where he’d been staying during the papal conclave by showing up to pay his own bill; panicking bodyguards by swigging from a cup of maté (the highly caffeinated tealike beverage popular throughout South America) handed to him by a stranger during a visit to Brazil; cracking up cardinals with jokes at his own expense hours after being elected (to those assembled at his first official dinner as pope, he deadpanned, “May God forgive you for what you’ve done”).

After the disastrous papacy of Benedict, a staunch traditionalist who looked like he should be wearing a striped shirt with knife-fingered gloves and menacing teenagers in their nightmares, Francis’ basic mastery of skills like smiling in public seemed a small miracle to the average Catholic. But he had far more radical changes in mind. By eschewing the papal palace for a modest two-room apartment, by publicly scolding church leaders for being “obsessed” with divisive social issues like gay marriage, birth control and abortion (“Who am I to judge?” Francis famously replied when asked his views on homosexual priests) and – perhaps most astonishingly of all – by devoting much of his first major written teaching to a scathing critique of unchecked free-market capitalism, the pope revealed his own obsessions to be more in line with the boss’ son.

Francis has been on other major magazine covers, including Time magazine, which declared him its 2013 Person of the Year last month. (It was the second time in a year Time had run a pope cover.)

Francis is the first pope to make the cover of Rolling Stone, the so-called “music bible” founded in 1967 by Jann Wenner, something bands including the Velvet Underground, Public Enemy, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine each failed to do.

‘All Africa in one country’: Cameroon wants its place on the tourist map


(CNN) — Cameroon, famous for producing world-class soccer players and infectious “makossa” music, is on the dawn of becoming known for something else … tourism.
Tourism arrivals grew by 35% in 2012, and Cameroon has a vast geographical diversity characterized by forest, savannah and mountains, alongside a population of over 250 ethnic groups.
Its diversity in terrain and culture has led to Cameroon being referred to as “Little Africa” or “All Africa in one country.” It also boasts some of the richest and most diverse wildlife in the continent and is a dreamland for safari lovers, eco tourists, hikers and culture seekers. Continue reading