Inorie Fotso buys D’Prince Mercedes

Rumour mill has it Inorie Fotso bought D’Prince Mercedes 2014 for a birthday gift. Again its a rumour. Pics of the adorable couple below

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Inorie Fotso “TONIGHT”

Daughter of billionaire Fotso Victor just released her video for the single tonight. She is a singer, writer, producer, director has her business degree you name it she got it. Enjoy

BLACK MAGGI shortage


There is a shortage of MAGGI (black maggi in particular) in the markets in Cameroon. Between cooking many meals for the festive season and bushfallers buying all the maggi to “carry am go back” supply and demand no balance. Have you heard of the shortage or do u have some stocked in your house for the rainy days?

maggi food


Press Article ♛ ♛ MISS CAMEROON BELGIUM 2014

On Saturday, February 22, 2014 in Brussels (Birmingham Palace), The Most prestigious event of The Beginning Of 2014 Will take instead. Under the spotlight 10 candidates Representing the different provinces of Cameroon Will parade under the admiring gaze of more than 800 expected guests. Several other Communities are expected without racial or tribal Barriers. The program shows Will feature of different artists, the Miss Belgium Cameroon Itself competition and ends with an open dancefloor Until the morning.

The finalist candidates selected through the whole Belgium, Effective the various activities of preparations, Will Each in turn present Their talent in order to seduce the jury Will All which include professional from the fashion industry and public personalities. They Will put on several outfits Among others,: such as a traditional outfit and try through aussi Their eloquence to put the audience in a good atmosphere. At the end, The winner Will Represent carry the torch and Cameroon in Belgium and Elsewhere. Meanwhile before February 22, 2014, bear misses Will continue with Their lucrative and educational activities and through social websites Will Be presented in advance to the public. Votes are opened on the official page on facebook and we still February 22nd, 2014. So get your suits and dresses ready for February 22, 2014 and appointment in Brussels to elect all our Miss Belgium Cameroon 2014.

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Project Manager Russell N 0483 62 06 17 / Official facebook page:




Taka Tani and Trina Takor are such great entertain for myself and my sisters. In this video they talk about jealousy and envy. Watch the video and here her say at 3:49 that even if her husband is cheating on her do not inform her because you are expressing your jealousy. If she no send you dont bring information. Dont come for Tikki unless she send for you

Prince William Goes to School

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Future King of England is returning to school. He attended University of St Andrews where he earned a Scottish Master of Arts degree. At 31 years old, with a wife, and child the Prince wants to embark on further education. With all these distractions it’s difficult to study, my advice to the Prince nap during the day and “break munang” at night.